Anyone can lead. Not everyone can lead well. How do you really know whether you’re leading well or not?!  This blog and future posts will help many leaders move a little or a lot closer to answering that very important question.

If you are in a position of leadership and are striving to do the “best” and be the “best” for the people that you are responsible for leading; for your organization and; for yourself, this bog is for you!

This blog intends to enhance the personal and professional leadership capacities of new leaders, long-time leaders and even the “great” leaders. Yes, great leaders are open to learning, as they know that there is always something more to learn and that learning is never fully complete. That’s what makes them so great!

My learning is far from over, but I have been told by colleagues and seminar participants that I have some valuable things regarding leadership to share and, that I should make the information and strategies more available and accessible. Well here’s to a Blog!

Most of what I will share has emerged from research and practice based evidence. But more importantly, the greatest and most valued insights, information and strategies that I will be contributing have come from the rich stories of over 6000 front-line human service workers and in excess of 2000 supervisors, managers, and executives. I am grateful and honoured that I have had the privilege to learn something from all of them. And that is where the greatest GOLD exists; in the detailed nuggets of their stories, their lived experiences – what contributed to meaningful and valuable leadership and the attainment of subsequent and preferred employee and client outcomes.

This blog will KEEP IT SIMPLE. It is not intended to impress with big words or confuse with esoteric and overly “sophisticated” language. It will speak to the simplest, yet most profound aspects of leadership simultaneously. This blog will provide insights into the “dos and don’ts”, the “what works – what doesn’t” aspects of leadership. Every blog (following this one) will provide practical tools and strategies from the simple, to the “might take a little effort” for enhancing personal and professional leadership abilities.

An important aspect of this blog is to affirm and validate things that you, as a leader have and are currently doing well. If you are in the human service industry, which unfortunately can be characterized by the adage, “no news is good news”, then there is a good chance that you have not heard two important sentiments nearly or clearly enough; “Thank You” and “You are doing a fine job there!”

There is enough evidence to demonstrate that BETTER leaders, have employees and staff that are BETTER for it. This is also true for the clients those employees serve, those we are all ultimately responsible for and accountable to. When we do BETTER, they do BETTER; Period.

I look forward to doing my best, through this Blog, to enhance your personal and professional capacity as a Leader.

Here is what you can expect with future posts:

  • The Best Leadership Experience Ever: 4 Key Factors
  • The BIGGEST Mistake A Leader Can Make
  • The Open Door Policy: A Metaphor
  • Shut up and Communicate!
  • You Don’t Know What You Need to Know
  • “Oppose This!” Lessons from Isaac Newton
  • ….and so much More!

Feel free to join me here; hold me accountable; give me feedback; make suggestions; ask questions and; provide input.

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