Stephen de Groot


Stephen de Groot maintains two vital and purposeful intentions; to enhance the experience and lives of all children, youth, families and communities who are supported by human service systems and; to enhance the meaning, value and quality of the efforts made by the people responsible for serving and supporting those children, youth, families and communities.

Steve is a clinical and organisational consultant, author of the Relationship Based Strengths Approach (RBSA) (2003, 2013) to helping and founder of the Getting to Better initiative. Steve specialises in the development and implementation of relational and strengths based interventions at all levels of social service systems from planning to direct service delivery and front-line practice. Steve is the author of Responsive Leadership, A SAGE publication.

Steve’s approach to helping has been informed by a multitude of philosophical, theoretical and technical orientations and developed out of his successful practice experiences and life stories from thousands of children, youth and families and; thousands of frontline workers, supervisors, managers and executives.

For the last 20 years Steve has worked with more than 200 organisations in a variety of fields and helping sectors. He has provided support, education and training to caring and helping professionals who live and work with children in child welfare, child and youth care, youth homelessness, justice, education and health. Steve has instructed in both Bachelor and Masters Programs at the University of Manitoba for more than 7 years. He has occupied and continues to operate in a myriad of roles such as mentor, consultant, trainer, supervisor, author, facilitator, strategic planner and international speaker.

Many of Steve’s training participants, which have reached more than, 20,000 people, testify that his training is one of, if not the greatest training experience of their career. His knowledge and experience working with children, youth and families is evident within and throughout the myriad of case examples and role plays he uses. Steve’s skill and talent as a practitioner are apparent in his stories and capacity to answer and respond in practical demonstration to “almost any question” posed. Steve’s trainings are not only thought provoking and insightful, but exceptionally, dynamic, fun and interactive. Most people state that, among Steve’s talents is his ability to validate and affirm what people are doing well and, to also point out where and how they can develop further.

As a trainer and collaborator Steve has made it his mission not only inspire people, but to empower and equip them with the knowledge and tools so that they may be able to inspire themselves; by achieving preferred outcomes for themselves and for the children, youth families and communities they serve.