Lead Them or Lose Them: A Relational and Strengths Based Approach for Inspiring Youth Care Worker Resiliency

This Training is based on the book, Lead Them or Lose Them: A Practical Guide for Human Service Leadership (de Groot, 2013) – currently in development with SAGE Publications.

Workshop Description:

This workshop was designed for team leaders, supervisors, program managers, coordinators and/or executives; anyone who is or plans to be in a position of leadership in the field of child and youth care.

Supervision is one of the most important and complex roles in the social service industry. Leadership positions in contexts of the child welfare and child and youth care service sectors are exceptionally crucial given the unique and multifarious needs of the children, youth and families that are supported by frontline workers. The work is important; quality of supervision is absolutely critical.

Research is clearly identifying the essential connection between quality of supervision, worker outcomes and client outcomes; they are inextricably linked. Quality of supervision is known to have a direct impact on overall positive worker outcomes and, it is known that worker outcomes influence practice decisions. Therefore, when workers’ have a positive experience of themselves and the work, they are more likely to make better practice decisions. When better practice decisions are made, better outcomes for children and youth are achieved.  Resilient workers are better equipped to enhance and develop the resilient capacities of those they help.

This one day highly interactive, energizing and practical workshop is geared towards supporting team leaders and supervisors to further develop their capacity to inspire and enhance worker resiliency. Through brief lectures, small group exercises and process-oriented discussion participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of Worker Resiliency
  • Review the differences between Supervision and Leadership
  • Recognize the link between Leadership and Worker Resiliency
  • Learn the connection between quality of supervision and preferred outcomes for workers and the children and youth they serve
  • Learn about key factors contributing to Worker Resiliency and BETTER worker outcomes
  • Learn about and practice relational and strengths based strategies for developing youth care worker resiliency
  • Be affirmed in what they are already doing well


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