From ADVERSITY to ADVENTURE: Using a Strengths Based Approach to Enhance the Resilient Capacities of Youth Care Workers and their Youth

Workshop Description

Resilience has been defined as one’s ability to cope, adapt and even develop successfully within the context of adverse environments, conditions and/or situations.

There is a significant amount of scholarship on resilience; the importance of and need for the identification and development of the resilient capacities of youth in care. There is little attention, however, paid to the resilience of the workers serving and supporting those youth.

How do Child and Youth Care Workers do it? What is that contributes to their ability to cope, adapt and persevere in the line of an often stressful and challenging duty?  How can we uncover Youth Care Worker Resilience? How can we build on it in a way that enhances their capacity to develop further and successfully themselves and the youth they serve?

This one day highly interactive and practical workshop will attempt to initiate such a  journey; to not only begin uncovering important subjective factors that contribute to Youth Care Workers’ resilience, but to also offer strengths based strategies for enhancing and building on those identified capacities. Through a brief lecture and process oriented discussion participants will be encouraged to consider worker resilience as it relates to their experience of themselves and the work. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to reflect on and discover through an appreciative inquiry the important factors that undergird their own unique strengths and resiliencies. In addition to uncovering and identifying important factors that contribute to resilience, participants will be offered practical strengths based tools for building on enhancing their own capabilities for resilience.

If psychological resilience is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity, this workshop will explore a variety of ways that supervisors and staff, using a strength based approach, can build the positive capacity that Child and Youth Care Workers require to cope with the stress (exciting challenge) and adversity (adventure) that is our profession.