Life Planning: An RBSA Orientation to Case Management

Workshop Description

This two day interactive workshop is designed for all front-line workers who are responsible for the care of children youth and families.  It is imbedded in the Relationship Based Strengths Approach paradigm and is intended to build on and enhance the knowledge and skills acquired from core competency based training. Through the operationalization of RBSA values the workshop focuses on the specific “how to” aspects of the work, including micro interactive processes for the most meaningful and effective approach to case management.

Known as “Life Planning” and/or “Life Plan Conferencing” this relational and strengths based approach to case conferencing and case management has had profound impacts on increasing the engagement and participation of individuals and families within their respective programs and/or service areas. This approach to case conferencing has proven to increase client interest, motivation, cooperation, participation and ownership while decreasing what has been commonly experienced as “resistive” or “oppositional” behaviours and interactions.

The most critical elements of case management are the goals, objectives and activities developed and articulated in the case plan. These are the foundations, which move children, youth and families forward in the pursuit of preferred changes and desired outcomes. While the step by step conceptual task(s) of goal setting may seem simple and straightforward, there exist many barriers to the effective and successful process of setting and attaining important and meaningful life goals. This workshop is intended to address and accommodate the myriad challenges to establishing the most meaningful and effective foundation for approximating preferred outcomes.

Workshop Topics

Day One

  • The Importance of the Life Plan
  • Overview of Relationship Based Strengths Approach (RBSA) Values
  • Operationalisation of RBSA Values in Context of Life Planning
  • Group Exercise – Becoming RBSA Focussed
  • RBSA Interviewing , Facilitation and Communication Skills
  • Strengths Based Strategies
  • Initial Intake Interview – The Best Start
  • Group Exercise – Appreciative Inquiry into “Best Moments” – past case conferences
  • Pre Planning Meeting Structure and Process

Day Two

  • Overview of  Structure and Process of Life Planning
  • Facilitation Process and Strategies for Best Outcomes
  • Life Planning Documentation
  • The Life Plan
  • Role Play Demonstration – Bringing it all together
  • Life Plan Follow-up and Management
  • Identifying and Dealing with Challenges and Pitfalls
  • Q & A Discussion – Supporting the Process
  • Where to From Here – Planning for Integration

Learning outcomes:

At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the importance of the Life Plan as a foundation for support, intervention and preferred outcomes.
  • Be familiar with the RBSA approach to social work helping.
  • Learn how to operationalise the RBSA principles in the context of Life Planning and Case Management
  • Through experience and practice, develop skills in communication methods for interviewing and facilitation before, during and after the Life Plan Process.
  • Learn how to prepare and facilitate the most effective Life Planning Process
  • Learn and understand how to develop a RBSA Life Plan.
  • Learn how to foster conditions that promote the most effective and meaningful Life Planning.
  • With the use of real examples, learn about the potential challenges and pitfalls that one may encounter in the Life Planning and Case management process
  • Develop a plan for supporting and integrating an RBSA approach to Life Planning and Case Management.