A Relational and Strengths Based Approach for Engaging Families

Workshop Description

This one day workshop is for caseworkers and other helping roles in positions of interacting with and helping youth and their families. It is geared towards offering a variety of relational and strengths based tools for connecting with and engaging families and their children.

This highly practical and interactive training has been constructed to assist helpers of youth and families to improve not only the way they work with youth and their families but to also help re-engage youth with their families by developing the skills necessary to re-engage, communicate effectively and focus on what is already working as a starting point to re-engagement.  From there, the workshop also supports workers to understand and implement a variety of strengths based strategies for helping youth and their families set and accomplish important relational and life objectives for what they want for a BETTER life together.

Workshop Outline

  • Outcomes & Challenges
  • Group Exercise
  • The Process of Change – The importance of Goals
  • Barriers to Strengths and The Youth-Family Experience
  • Forward Motion towards  preferred changes
  • RBSA Overview
  • Relationship Building and Communication
  • Understanding Resistance and Opposition
  • Strengths Based Tools and Strategies
  • Where to From Here – Planning to Sustain Change


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will:


  • Reconnect workers with anticipated and preferred outcomes for youth and families
  • Learn about the importance and forward motion quality of goals
  • Learn about and understand what a relational and strengths based approach to practice is
  • Develop an understanding of a variety of communication strategies
  • Through role play and practice become familiar and confident with effective communication processes
  • Learn to understand and deal effectively with Resistance and Opposition
  • Learn about and utilize a variety of strengths based tools and strategies
  • Develop a plan for integrating and implementing new learning and tools