Workshop #2 Getting to Better™: Effective Discipline for Building Respectful, Responsible and Resilient Youth

This workshop was developed out of the work with over 1000 youth and 400 families, many who were struggling with a variety of issues ranging from minor but aggravating to outright, “out of control” interactions and behaviours. It has been adapted from the Relationship Based Strengths Approach to Discipline with Youth (© de Groot, 2004, 2011) which has been integral in better equipping more than 5000 people all over Canada and the world who work or live with pre teens and teens. Thousands of foster parents, parents, social workers, child and youth workers, teachers, youth justice officers, probation officers have been able to Get to Better with their own children and their clients with the information offered in this Workshop.

Now it is available to all Parents and Caregivers!

The Getting to Better™ approach to Effective Discipline WORKS for Building Respectful, Responsible and Resilient Youth. It offers the Absolute Best tools and Strategies for the Most Effective Discipline! This one day interactive workshop builds on Workshop #1 and allows parents/caregivers to work on relevant and real concerns, so that they may develop their own approach for the most effective discipline with the children and youth in their lives.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • What does Getting to Better™ look like for You
  • What is Discipline, Really?
  • What are the differences between Discipline, Punishment and “Accidental Punishment”
  • What is Ineffective Discipline and How to Recognize and Avoid it
  • How to Connect your Goals for your Youth with the Best Discipline Approach
  • An Approach to Discipline that Enhances rather than Jeopardizes Relationships
  • The Foundational Ingredients for Effective Discipline
  • The BEST Tools and Strategies for Building Strengths and Available Resources
  • How to Develop and Maintain strong Connections through the “Rough Spots”
  • How to Decrease and Possibly Eliminate Resistance, Rebellion and Retaliation
  • How to Identify, Choose and Set the Most Effective Consequences
  • A Process Guideline to Effectively Address and Manage  ALL “Inappropriate” Unacceptable, Unsafe, or even Out of Control Behaviours
  • An Approach to Discipline that Fosters Respect, Promotes Responsibility and Develops Resilience
  • …and so much more!

What People are Saying:

OMG! I wish I had this information and these tools when my kids were younger. I can’t imagine how much easier things would have been. It’s not too late! Thank you.

It was hard to hear about all the things I was doing WRONG…it was great to know that I am doing a lot of things RIGHT! Thanks for that part. I am looking forward to going home to argue and fight less and love more!

I see the problems with my kids totally different, after only one day! You make it seem so simple. I am excited to get started to build the best kids I can. Thank you so much!

I was nervous when I came to the training, because things are so bad with two of my kids. Now I feel hopeful and empowered to discipline in a way that won’t hurt them or me. Many thanks.