Workshop #1 Getting to Better™: Relationship Recovery and Resilience

This workshop has been our most popular training offerings since 2007. It has been offered, in a variety of formats, to over 4000 foster parents, social workers, support workers and parents who live and work with teens across Canada. And now, it’s available to parents and caregivers just like you. Hundreds of child and youth caring professionals refer to Steve’s Getting to Better™ workshop series as “one of the best trainings in child welfare” and as “the most practical and concrete approach for working with difficult teens”.

Strong relationships and effective communication are critical for fostering motivation, enthusiasm, and cooperation in the process of building safe, responsible and productive young people. This one day workshop will provide you with the information, tools and techniques PROVEN to significantly improve relationships and communications with youth.

By the end of this session, you will be equipped NOT ONLY with the powerful tools needed for building and/or strengthening relationships with the pre-teens and teens in your life, but you will uncover your own unique strengths and talents for raising healthy, happy, resilient children.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • What does “Getting to Better™” look like?
  • Hundreds of proven tips to reach kids
  • Specific and practical ways of “doing” relationships with your teens
  • Relationship building strategies that work
  • How to create safety, value and direction for youth
  • How to recognize, build on and mobilize youth strengths
  • Why many of our kids aren’t talking to us AND how to get them talking
  • Understanding and decreasing opposition and resistance
  • Effective communication tools
  • How to build focused, motivated and enthusiastic teens
  • How to set and support the accomplishment of important goals

What people are saying:

“I thought things were good with my kids… Now I can see that there was so much room for improvement! Thank you. Things are going to be better!”

“We were at the end of our rope. This course has given us hope and practical tools to make things better at home. Thank you Stephen.”

“I believe that what I learned here will save my relationship with my daughter. Thank you so much!”