VISION and MISSION Development

An organizations VISION and MISSION are critical for the most effective operation and service delivery. Whether it be at the planning level, or direct service delivery and practice spheres, the Vision and Mission help guide, foster and support all mission critical tasks for moving organizations, and the people they serve forward towards preferred and anticipated outcomes.

VISIONS should Inspire and Provide General Direction and Purpose. A good VISION statement will answer the important question, “What’s the Point?”

MISSIONS should help define how to carry out Purpose and Steps for Succeeding. A good MISSION statement will answer the question, “How should we do what we are supposed to do?”.

All too often many programs, agencies and/or organizations operate without a clearly defined VISION or MISSION. Sometimes VISIONS or MISSIONS are vague and arbitrary and do little to guide and/support employees as they carry out their work. Occasionally, VISIONS or MISSIONS have become outdated and or obsolete and need to be rewritten or redefined as relevant and useful.

MYRIAD can facilitate a process to assist with the creation, “dusting off” or rewriting of important VISION and/or MISSION statements.

This process has been proven very successful for Boards, NGOs, Governmental Organizations and even small programs/teams within larger systems.