Team Capacity Building

 Whether it is with frontline units, supervisory groups, management teams, whole organizations or Boards, MYRIAD has the experience and tools to enhance effectiveness in important areas such as:

  • Office/Team Morale
  • Team Cohesion
  • Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Communication
  • Team Collaboration and Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Resiliency Development
  • Preferred Staff Outcomes
  • Preferred Client Outcomes
  • …and so much more

MYRIAD team members have facilitated more than 50 team capacity building sessions with individual program teams, team units and whole organizations ranging from 6 participants to 250! Big or small many teams have taken advantage of this relational and strengths based approach for building overall team capacity; enhancing areas such as personal/professional relationships, communication, collaboration, team cohesion, overall morale, productivity and support.

Many approaches to Team Building can be less than stimulating, inspiring or fun, when focus is placed on the productivity aspect of the initiative. However, MYRIAD is known for developing and facilitating engaging, fun, inspiring, thought provoking and exceptionally productive team capacity building initiatives.

MYRIAD takes the time to consult with and utilize team-responsive appraisal processes in order to develop the most meaningful, valuable and relevant team-centred experience. Whether looking to enhance specified areas of relationships, processes, organizational dimensions or dynamics, MYRIAD can develop an endeavour that accommodates the diverse and unique needs/goals/priorities of all teams, programs groups or organization staff teams.