Stephen was the best choice for my organization when I needed team building. He brought his knowledge, skills, creativity and flexibility to work with the unique needs and experience of our diverse team. He kept it safe and provided us with tools to challenge and stretch ourselves, to build on our strengths and deal most effectively with current and future challenges. 

 Billie Schibler, Former Child Advocate, Office of the Children’s Advocate
Manitoba Canada

Organizational Development

All organizational initiatives have been developed from 20 years of evidence based practice and work with more than 200 social service programs and agencies. The development of the following endeavours was supported by scholarship and practice based ventures which hold up valuable linkages between organizational and work related dimensions and the subsequent implications for positive staff and client outcomes. Please click here for references.

Team Capacity Building
VISION and MISSION Development
Walking the Walk
ASB Strategic Planning
Leadership Development
Clinical Consultation
Program and Organizational Enhancement
Collaborative Restoration

Additional MYRIAD Services:

Strengths Based Performance Development
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Response

For a partial list of groups and organizations that Steve and MYRIAD team members have provided services to, please visit our Partners page.