Responsive Leadership: Relational and Strengths Based Strategies for Supervisors and Managers

This one day workshop was developed for team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives in a variety of social service fields, including child welfare, justice, child and youth care, youth homelessness, education and health. It represents a highly interactive, inspiring and practical day of training. On the topic of developing staff capacity, the workshop highlights the importance of a relational and strengths based approach for building up and getting the best out of all staff team members. The seminar offers many practical tools for utilizing a variety of worker-responsive RBSA assessments, communication and action planning strategies for enhancing the capacities of great staff and approaching and effectively responding to “difficult’ and/or “challenging” workers/situations.

Through brief lectures, small group exercises and process-oriented discussion participants will:

  • Identify and Re-connect with anticipations for preferred staff outcomes
  • Define and articulate the concrete benefits of a strengths-based approach
  • Understand the inextricable link between staff outcomes, practice decisions and client outcomes
  • Identify with the critical role relationships play in quality supervision
  • Understand and utilize practical relationship strategies for creating optimal conditions for quality supervision
  • Understand and operationalize a clear structure and process for the most effective communication
  • Learn about and practice strengths based strategies for developing resource possibilities for staff capacity building
  • Review and learn about the Personal Supervision Profile; a RBSA worker-responsive assessment tool used for Discovering and Developing staff capacity
  • Bring it all together; through role plays and case scenarios participants will have an opportunity to utilize the various to tools respond effectively with “great” staff and “challenging” staff situations.