Lead Them or Lose Them: Practical Strategies for Leaders to Inspire Staff to Better

*1 or 2 Day Versions Available

This Training is based on the book, Lead Them or Lose Them: A Practical Guide for Human Service Leadership (de Groot, 2013) – currently in development with SAGE Publications.

This one day workshop was developed for team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives in a variety of social service fields, including child welfare, justice,  child and youth care, youth homelessness, education and health.  The purpose of this curriculum is three fold. First, the seminar attempts to simplify the over-scientified, complex and at times overwhelming concepts, theories and perspectives of supervision, management and leadership. Secondly, the training provides leaders with an opportunity to assess and evaluate critical areas that are within their immediate influence, to affect the highest possibilities/potential for staff commitment, motivation, focus and enthusiasm, to carry out their important work. The third purpose of the curriculum is to provide team leaders, supervisors and managers with more than two hundred practical tools and strategies to achieve maximum inspiration of staff; to be BETTER, to do BETTER and to achieve BETTER! In addition to the main objectives, this particular seminar also aims as a by-product, to validate and affirm what leaders are already doing well.

Participants in this highly engaging and practical workshop will learn to:

  • Identify and Re-connect to their own personal/professional leadership purpose
  • Re-connect with anticipations and preferred staff outcomes
  • Identify various work related challenges that  result in workers who present as “resistant”, “disconnected” or “burnt-out”
  • Understand the inextricable link between staff outcomes, practice decisions and client outcomes
  • Indentify and utilize the most important ingredient of an effective leader
  • Acknowledge and consider the importance of key domains critical for inspiring staff to feel, do and achieve better in their work
  • Understand and utilize practical strategies within the key domain areas, to excite, motivate and focus staff members and teams towards better as they carry out their important work
  • Develop an “Action Plan” outlining a 7 part strategy for enhancing the capacity of staff members and overall staff teams to feel and do Better as they carry out their work