4 Dimensional Leadership Development

Four Dimensional (4D) Leadership Development, also known as “Executive Coaching”, presents supervisors, managers and executives a fresh opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill capacities as effective and successful leaders. 4D Leadership Development can benefit all leaders, including already successful ones. This is accomplished through strengths-based and individualized, leader-responsive tools and strategies which offer leaders a facilitative process to:

  • Access supportive and collaborative external supervision
  • Enhance and/or implement vision, mission alignment
  • Connect with purpose and establish or synchronize immediate, intermediate and long-term personal and/or professional goals
  • Learn how to develop and support motivated, focussed, enthusiastic staff
  • Enhance relationship and communication skills
  • Brainstorm, plan and try out new ideas
  • Deal effectively with specific workplace and/or staff challenges
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Manage conflict and “crisis” situations more effectively
  • Enhance team building and facilitation skills
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Develop work-life balance
  • …and so much more


What is 4 D Leadership Development?

4 D Leadership Development is a unique and exceptionally efficient approach to leadership capacity building. The model is grounded in relational, strengths-based and constructivist principles and, combines a mix of knowledge, tools and strategies from human behaviour theory, organizational development, performance management, best-practice and evidence based leadership concepts. This type of leadership enhancement was developed out of 20 years of work with thousands of team-leaders, supervisors, managers and executives in a variety of human service industries. 4 D Leadership Development is geared towards validating and affirming what leaders are already doing well and offers, through an individualized assessment and development approach, strategies and a variety of processes for enhancing overall leadership capacity.

How Does 4 D Leadership Development Work?

The model is comprised of 4 important stage processes, known as Dimensions.

Discover, Develop, Deliver, Discipline

Discover: The first Dimension is the starting point. Although it initiates the process of leadership development, discovery is a process that is ongoing throughout all Dimensions and is critical for the most efficient and optimal development. Through collaboration with the consultant, Leaders are supported to complete a Leadership Development Profile. This tool sets the discovery dimension/process in motion and results in a clear understanding of leader experiences, strengths, needs and goals for leadership capacity enhancement.


Develop: The second Dimension focuses on key elements cultivated and leveraged within the discovery dimension; shaping and providing direction for an individualized Leadership Development Plan. Through a collaborative process the Leader works with the consultant to develop the most effective plan for prioritized and preferred areas of development. This dimension holds the greatest amount of work as it entails specifying and sharpening priority leadership enhancement objectives and the concrete steps necessary for the most efficient and successful leadership development.


Deliver: The third Dimension is dependent upon the acute vision, plan and work developed from the previous dimensions. Through clear and relevant discovery combined with individualized and strengths based capacity development, delivery of individual and organizational outcomes is inevitable. The Leader will work with the consultant to ensure that the plan maintains clear focus and direction and that leader efforts are purposeful and perpetual to approximate defined and preferred outcomes.


Discipline: The fourth Dimension is the most critical. It is the result of the preceding dimensions; it is about optimal learning and leadership development (Discipline). When learning and development are optimized, there are less challenges; less of a need for the negative type of discipline (reprimands, progressive discipline, firing) for the Leader, within the team and among all staff. Leaders are supported to develop the most effective and proactive tools for decreasing challenges, challenging/resistive behaviour and increasing optimal learning and development; the greatest discipline.


When leaders Discover, they can Develop. When they Develop, they Deliver on individual, team and organizational outcomes. There is less of a need to talk about and/or focus directly on the final Dimension. Discipline (optimal learning and development) is happening: in essence, the 4th Dimension is silent.

What is the length of 4 D sessions and overall process duration?

The 4 D model is an individualized and leader-responsive approach to capacity building. Therefore, the sessions and duration will vary depending upon the unique needs and preferred objectives of each leader. An accurate Leadership Development Profile assists leaders with a clear understanding, right from the first session, as to the number of sessions required to approximate and attain preferred leadership performance and capacity enhancement. Individual sessions are approximately 1 to 1.25 hours long and number of sessions average between 3 and 8 meetings.

How can I learn more about 4 D Leadership Development?

If you would like more information about 4 D Leadership Development or, you would like to get started on enhancing your capacity as a leader, please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.