Thousands of feedback and evaluation forms demonstrate the incredible value and meaning Steve’s workshops have had for parents, caregivers and people working in a variety of social service sectors.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants


Child Welfare

“This training should be mandatory for all people who work in the field of child welfare – from the executives to the frontline support workers”

Sarah M., Family Enhancement Worker | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“This was the best workshop I have ever been at in my 17 year career! Steve’s passion is evident and his material concrete and DOABLE!”

Jackie W., Social Worker | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The workshop was inspiring, motivating, and practical. I began using the material after the first day of the three day workshop. It really works! I want to spend more time with Steve. Please have him back. Thank you!”

Lorne S., Youth Case Worker | Calgary, Alberta, Canada



“This guy was amazing! Nobody has ever challenged my thinking and practice so much in such a short period of time. This training needs to be mandated to all youth justice professionals at ALL levels from the front line right up to the Ministry level. Thanks for the opportunity to train with Steve de Groot.”

Jacob L., Youth Justice Officer | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

“This was the absolute best training I have taken in over 30 years in the field. What took so long!?”

Ron K., Youth Justice Worker | Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

“This system would be a better place for our kids if we did half the things that Steve is talking about. The change starts with us. Thanks for this opportunity. I am going to be the change and share this information with my team. Things are going to get better for the kids at my facility!”

Karen N., Social Worker | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for your knowledge. Your passion and enthusiasm is truly contagious. I feel that what I have learned will change the way I work with the youth I support, people I work with and people in general. Again, I can not thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on my live in two short days.”

Shannon D., Youth Justice Worker | London, Ontario, Canada


“This was the best Professional Development Day I have ever attended. Great Passion. Great Stories. Great Examples. I am looking forward to work Monday morning with a fresh perspectives and lots of new tools.”

Betty S., Inner City Program Teacher | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“I could listen to Steve for days. He validated what we are doing right and gave us tools and a way for succeeding with our most difficult students. This training should be mandatory for everyone who works with children and teens.”

Jennifer M., Junior High Teacher | Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

“Thank you for a fun and informative two days. My staff is saying nothing but wonderful things. Your sense of humour was amazing. You held my interest and made the days fun and go by so fast. I usually am lost by most facilitators in the first half day.”

Margaret B., Resource Coordinator Special Classrooms | Calgary, Alberta, Canada




[one_half_last] Mary’s Story – Click Here to view on YouTube [/one_half_last]

“I was a skeptic, having been involved in many courses and associations, etc. that failed to help in any way. I found this program/workshop to be a valuable and realistic tool to improve my relationship with my children. Steve’s knowledge, experience and presentation of the G2B workshop gave me hope that there are solutions to my personal situation.”

Tony | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Thank you so much! Beyond all of the insights and practical tools you gave me, this course gave me HOPE! I feel like it’s not too late to save my relationship with my son.”

Maria | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“Halfway through the day I felt excited to go home and see my kids! At the end of the day I was rejuvenated, equipped and empowered. I can’t wait to try out all of the great information and tools. Thank you!”

Carol | Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

“While “geared” towards youth relationships, I think this workshop is incredibly and equally valuable for all of our relationships! Thanks for everything!”

Leslie | Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.

“I wish I knew about this course years ago! It should be mandatory for all parents. My life would have been so much better with my older kids. It’s not too late, because I have two more still at home. Thanks for a second chance!”

Jack | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.